CURREnt wines




The pinot grigio grape is a color mutation of the pinot noir grape.  The wine is the second most popular white wine in America. When chilled, it is very refreshing on a hot summer’s day.  Our Pinot Grigio is a dry white wine with a lot of acidity. You will experience flavors of lemon, lime, green apple, and honeysuckle.  It pairs well with fish, chicken, and lighter pasta dishes.


The chardonnay grape is a cross between the pinot noir and the gouais blanc grape.  Our Chardonnay is very lightly oaked. You will taste hints of citrus, peach, and melon.  It has very soft acidity with a very light buttery finish. It is best served chilled and pairs well with chicken, pork, tomato based dishes, and many different cheeses.


The aroma of this wine consists of rose petals initially, then is followed by scents of honey, ginger, and allspice. The complex taste consists of grapefruit, pineapple, peach, and apricot.  Some may even “taste” the rose petals. It has a low acidity and is best served chilled. White spicy meats and mild cheeses pair well with this wine.


The quality and style of Seyval Blanc is very similar to Chenin Blanc or Chablis styles, which are lighter in styles.  Our Seyval is a dry and refreshing white wine with a well-balanced acidity.  It tastes of green apple, grapefruit and other citrus tones with a slight minerality.  It pairs well with shellfish, spicy white meat dishes, and mild cheeses and is an excellent wine to sip chilled outdoors on a hot summer day.



Frontenac Gris was introduced in 2003.  It is a very cold hardy grape and has been thriving in the Northeas region of the United States and Canada.  The wine has hints of peach, apricot, cherry, and citrus. It has a unique and complex flavor and pairs well with light fish, and very light cheeses.


One of the most popular wines in the world, Pinot Noir is originally from the Burgundy region of France.  Pinot Noir is typically lighter in body and color compared to other dry red wines. Our Pinot Noir has medium acidity and medium tannin with aromas of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries.  It is very versatile and can pair with just about any foods.


Malbec is now one of the most popular red wines in America. Originally from France, the Malbec grape has been found to grow better in Argentina.  Our Malbec wine has aromas of leather, tobacco, and mocha. It has medium acidity and tannins with overtones of dark fruity flavors and a smokey finish.  It is best served slightly chilled or room temperature and pairs well with red meats, vegetables, herbs and spices.


A full-bodied Italian red grape, producing a full-bodied, highly tannic wine.  This grape is mostly found in Piedmont, Italy and makes a pale garnet colored wine.  You will notice a red fruit and rose aroma, with flavors of leather, cherry, coffee, and anise.  It pairs well with foods high in fat, butters, and oils, and or Asian spicy dishes.


The cabernet sauvignon grape became popular for it’s use in the Bordeaux wines, where it is frequently blended with merlot or cabernet franc.  It is the most widely planted red wine grape in the world. This wine is very full-bodied and high in tannins with notes of blackcurrant. It pairs well with fatty red meats, bitter dark chocolate, and with cheddar, mozzarella, brie, and blue cheeses.


The Petite Sirah grape was first found growing in France in the mid 1800’s.  It is now most commonly found in California. The wine has a beautiful deep red color and is full-bodied with medium acidity.  You might tase flavors of blueberry, chocolate, plums, and black pepper. It pairs well with beef, chicken, and pork with exotic spices and with Gouda, Swiss, and Mozzarella cheeses.


Thomas Jefferson has been called America’s first true wine lover. He was Foreign Minister to France in 1785, where he learned to love wine and he planted the first vineyard at his Monticello estate.  His favorite wine was a blend made from America’s oldest grape, Norton, and Chambourcin. It is a complex, full-bodied wine with fruity flavors and full acidity. This would pair well with red meat, pasta, and strong flavored cheeses.



A white, medium bodied wine with a floral and mildly spicy aroma.  With a beautiful golden hue, it has overtones of apricot, honey, and melon and is very mildly acidic.  Serve chilled and pair with light protein, such as fish, pork, or chicken, or spicy foods, like Mexican or Thai.  The traminette grape is a cross between Gewurztraminer and Joannes Seyve and is the signature grape of the state of Indiana.


Named after French general and marshal Ferdinand Foch who played an important role in the negotiation of the armistice terms at the close of the First World War.  Often called Foch, the wine has a spicy black cherry aroma with mild earthy scent.  It has a beautiful dark inky color.  The taste consists of several red berries, but the dark cherry taste is pronounced.  It is very tart but enjoyable.  It will pair with just about anything.



The fredonia grape is a Concord type grape that can be used for jams and juices, in addition to table wine.  The wine itself has a beautiful crimson color and is very light and fruity with a tart finish. It is best served chilled and will pair well with pastas with red sauce and strong but creamy tasting cheeses, such as Gorgonzola or Feta.


The riesling grape is a white grape which originated in the Rhine region of Germany.  Riesling is an aromatic grape variety displaying flowery, perfumed, aromas as well as high acidity.  You will taste apple, peach, and pear with a crisp finish. It is best served chilled and pairs well with lighter proteins like fish, pork, or chicken.


Chambourcin Rosé is a delicious red grape semi-sweet rosé that benefits from brief skin contact and cold soaking prior to processing.  This process extracts beautiful flavor and aroma unique to the Chambourcin grape. It has hints of cherry, plum, and rose petals with a slightly dry, tart finish.  It will pair very well with shellfish, red protein and pasta.



Our Moscato is made from the Muscat Canelli grape.  A white grape with a Greek origin. Moscato wine has flavors of nectarine, peach, and orange.  With it’s sweet citrus flavor, it’s pairing ability is very versatile. It pairs well with spicy asian food, many different cheeses, and desserts.


A light, crisp and refreshing rosé with an earthy aroma and the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.  With a beautiful blush hue, it can be enjoyed chilled with fruits or cheeses. The perfect wine for summer porch sipping or picnics in the park.  This grape is a subclass of the catawba grape found mostly on the east coast. The catawba is a cross between a French vinifera and labrusca.


This sweet wine has the distinct flavor of ripe plums, almost as if you picked it from the tree yourself.  It has a mild tartness, like you get from eating the outer skin, but is sweet in flavor. It has a beautiful dark purple hue.  Our plum wine is best served chilled and pairs well with nuts, berries, and citrus fruits.


Labrusca is a type of grape native to eastern North America, also called the fox grape.  The three labrusca grapes in this blend are Steuben, Catawba, and Concord.  It makes for a perfect chilled sweet wine for an afternoon or evening picnic.  It would pair well with mild cheeses and non-citrus fruits.


If you love peaches, you will love our peach wine.  The amazing peach aroma from this wine could not get any better.  It is beautiful in the glass with a golden sunny colored hue. The taste on your tongue is like a fresh ripe Georgia peach.  It is best served chilled and also pairs well with nuts, berries, and citrus fruits.


Our mango wine will make you feel like you are sipping an exotic drink on a Caribbean beach.  This wine is very sweet at first taste and then is followed by the mild tartness of the exotic fruit.  It is best served chilled and pairs well with most fruits and very rich, creamy cheeses. Perfect for a beach picnic.


A light and sweet wine to enjoy on a hot summer day around the pool, or on the patio with friends.  Summer will never be the same.  Our watermelon wine is best served chilled and would pair perfectly with barbeque, burgers, and summer salads.


Steuben is a native hybrid Labrusca grape, which is a cross between the Wayne and Sheridan grape.  It is very commonly grown in Indiana and the northeast United States. This wine is for the sweet wine lovers.  It is a full-bodied, concentrated sweet wine that is very similar to the Concord. Best served chilled and with any desserts.  It all can be mixed with seltzer water for a tasty carbonated spritzer.


Our most popular wine.  It has a gorgeous purple color that makes it almost too pretty to drink.  With equal parts of blackberry and apple, it makes for the perfect blend.  Our apple juice comes directly from a local Indiana apple orchard, so you know that it is fresh.  The sweet and tart taste of this wine makes it great as a dessert all by itself. Serve chilled.


Also a species of the Labrusca family, the concord grape is used for making grape jelly and jams, in addition to wine.  Concord wine is the most common wine used as a sacramental wine and was introduced to the church in the mid 1800’s. This wine is a sweet, full-bodied, wine with a very concentrated grape flavor.  It is best served chilled with desserts.

***These wines are made from our estate grown grapes.

“Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant, unless of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.”
— Joan Collins